Work on a farm -project

Are you interested to work on a Finnish farm? Work on a farm -project is organizing free short courses about agriculture. In this project we offer possibilities to find a job from a farm. In these courses you learn about farm machines and working with farm animals. You can also apply to courses which give you information about field crops and working life skills.

Here is the list for short courses for spring 2024. Courses will be updated next time in a fall.

Courses to apply at the moment:


The courses are now full. Thank you for your interest!

Information about these short courses

You can apply for these courses, if you are pensioner, immigrant or working part time or as a fixed term worker. These are requirements for the courses.

These courses are in Mustiala campus, Mustialantie 105, Tammela.

One course will be about 4 days (in a row) and total 28 hours. Students gets guiding during these studies. After these courses you have a chance to get a job from a farm or continue studies.

There is a chance to visit a farm at Mustiala campus before applying for the training. Visits can be done individually or in a group.

Don’t hesitate to contact us! Let’s plan a course made just for you!

More info:

Hattula Sari



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