HAALARI – wear work clothes

Haalari – wear work clothes is the project where we organize short courses in horticulture, forestry, and agriculture.

The first short course takes place the 27th – 31st of May 2024. The subject of this course is forestry in practice. We will add more information to this page about this course during February.

The project will be carried out from November 1, 2023, to October 31, 2026. It is co-financed by the Häme Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment and the European Union.

The objectives of the project

  • Promote the employment of recent graduates, the unemployed, and immigrants in the agriculture, forestry, and horticulture sectors or related businesses.
  • Design and implement training pilots (3 in total) based on the needs of businesses related to the agriculture, forestry, and horticulture sectors.
  • Strengthen the core competencies, entrepreneurial readiness, and sustainable development skills of recent graduates, the unemployed, and immigrants.
  • Enhance the recruitment expertise of the participating businesses and the integration of new staff into the workplace community.
  • Conduct various experiments during the project.

Target audience

  • Working-age population, both foreigners and Finns.
  • Students who have completed their degrees but have not yet secured employment.
  • Unemployed individuals without any formal qualifications.
  • Unemployed individuals with qualifications in fields different from their current job search area.
  • Company employees, including HR professionals, onboarding specialists, supervisors, and managers, aimed at enhancing recruitment skills.


Forestry work in practice – short course

Are you unemployed, newly graduate or an immigrant? Are you interested in forestry and working in the forest? Come to HAALARI- wear work clothes -project’s short training. Participation is free!

Subject: Forestry work in practice
Date: 27.-31.5.2024
Place: Evo Campus, Saarelantie 1, EVO

  • You learn the basics of forest renewal and planting of seedlings
  • The focus is on practical training
  • The study package includes the occupational safety card training and emergency first aid training

Entrepreneurship in Finland – the basics of starting a business for immigrants

The Entrepreneurship in Finland course is intended for immigrants who are interested in starting or buying a company in Finland. We focus on the Kanta-Häme region in the course.

During the course, you will get practical information on how to start a company.

The training is a free online training. We provide the training in plain Finnish and English. You can choose which implementation you apply for.

Date of training: 15.4.-3.5.2024

Course is full. We are already planning the next course. More information coming later.

Business collaboration

If you are an entrepreneur in the natural resources sector from Kanta-Häme, consider participating in the Haalari project by providing internship opportunities at your company. Throughout this three-year project, we will offer short-term training courses in horticulture, forestry, and agriculture.
For more information on collaboration opportunities, please contact Project Manager Terhi Kaskioja.

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